Android Opera Mini 5.1 Now Out of Beta

Opera has launched Opera Mini 5.1 for Android OS based smartphones. The new Mini 5.1 version takes the mini browser out of beta to a final release.

The latest version doesn’t have too many changes other than a few bug fixes that took it out of beta status.

You can grab a copy of it now a couple of ways. First off you can just visit the Android Market and search for Opera in there and download it direct on your phone. Alternatively you can visit where your current browser will detect the type of smartphone you have and provide a link to the appropriate download page for it.

The mobile opera browsers are fantastic as they are capable of saving bandwidth and speed up mobile browsing on the devices they run on. Opera achieves this by using server side caching and compression that takes the processing out of the page server side, packages it up, shrinks it down and delivers it to your mobile in an optimised format. The speed increased are quite impressive.

Check out the video below to see a quick demonstration of how it performs.

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