Android Music Player 3.0 Embedded in to Test Android Market

The test version of the Android Market somehow was installed on a writers phone over at Tech from 10 and along with that, access to the Android Music Player 3.0. It isn’t known what the real method for getting the test market on to the said device was (a Galaxy S), other than perhaps it being in developer mode.

The actual market looks similar to the regular publicly available version other than a few changes. Most notable is the missing options to download paid apps. Other than that, it’s relatively the same. It does have the one addition though, which we have already mentioned. This is the Music Player 3.0.

The new music player is described as being far better than the version available in Android 2.3 at the moment. We also learn it’s similar to the version used in Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

To get an idea of how the music player works, it has been described as being similar to how the gallery works in Android in that it has pop-ups, dynamic backgrounds and animations.

One of the big questions you might be asking is that of the inclusion of the Google Cloud Music service. We hear it is in there, but that it’s not functioning at the moment. The probable reason for this is that users need to sign in with a Google account to access it, and either the account used wasn’t authorised, or the cloud service isn’t quite ready yet.

More details will follow later!

Via: Droid-Life

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