New Android Market URLs Hint at Music, Books and Movies

Three new URL’s have been found on the web based Android Market that hint that Google [GOOG] is expanding in to music, movies and books for Android devices.

The new URL’s are directories from the main domain and are as follows:

We have heard in the past the Google is working on a competitor to iTunes and the music address listed above could mark the beginning of this although right now, navigating to that particular URL lists music based apps. However, any other word other than the three mentioned above, does return a 404. Over on Honeycomb tablets, it has also been pointed out that a Books link has been added in the Market. This also indicates something big could be happening soon.

As for movies, perhaps an on-demand service is being worked on and for books, maybe downloadable books although we could all be just reading too much in to this at the moment.

Google I/O is coming up soon, so perhaps there may be a few interesting things announced.

We’ll keep an eye on this one, but looking at the specific directories (music, movies and books), Google look to be working on some pretty big things here.

Via: Android Community and Phandroid

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