Android Market Share Jumps to 25.5 Percent

Gartner released some numbers showing the 3rd quarter sales of various smartphones listed by OS. Top of the list is Symbian that took 36.6% market share. Android followed just behind that taking 25.5% with iOS following at 16.7 percent.

These numbers indicate a huge growth for Android which in the same quarter of 2009 was at just 3.5% market share.

iOS dropped slightly by just 0.4% while RIM went from 20.7% down to 14.8%. The full table of figures and statistics can be found in the image below.

Overall, the sales of mobile phones have increase by 35% since 2009. The number of smartphone sales has risen by 96% which is a huge jump.

Via: Geeky Gadgets and TechCrunch

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