Android Market Opens Up to More Countries

Google has announced that support for paid application sales is expanding and that developers in 29 countries can now take part. As well as expansion with the developers side of things, paid apps in the Android Market are now available to people in 32 countries.

For developers, there are changes that might need to be made to your apps. If you have made them available in “all locations” then no further action is required on your part. However, if you have restricted the countries then you might want to log in and change the settings if you want users in the countries to be able to grab the apps.

This is good news all around as it will open up the possibility to sell your apps to more buyers. In turn, users who couldn’t previous buy apps will now be able to purchase them as needed.

Via: Android Developers


  1. This is so great I could donate stuff I don’t need, and make this a bigger social network!

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