Android Market Catching Apple App Store in Size

In the next few months, it’s expected that the amount of apps available in the Android Market will overtake those available in the Apple App Store. The date this will happen will more than likely fall in August 2011 if the current trends continue.

By August, Google will have around 425,000 apps in the store available for download. What is important to note with this is that although there will be more apps available, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Android apps will make more money for developers.

Comparing the growth of each store in April this year, we see that Apple managed to get 11,000 new apps in to the store while Google managed 28,000 which gives a good hint as to how fast the store is growing.

On the contrary, the success of an app store is negatively correlated to the success of an average developer. All analysis on the early months of an app store including the Android Market shows that average download numbers decrease dramatically after the first months or even weeks after the launch of the store. The long tail gets longer and longer while the top 5% gets richer and richer.


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