Android Market gets over 9000 new Apps in March

Android is enjoying some good growth at the moment with a whole range of new phones opting to use Android as their operating system.

This growth rate also has developers excited it seems as in March this year there were 9,308 new applications added to the Android Market which is streets ahead of any previous months and approaching double what it was the previous month.

In fact, numbers have been counted since July 2009 for this particular chart where in that first month 1557 apps were added to the market. Every month since then has been an improvement and looking at the shape of the graph it seems like April’s numbers should easily beat it.

It looks like Google [GOOG] got something right with Android. Although still a little way off in some features it’s certainly a decent OS that is very functional.

Via: Engadget

Chart created by Android Lib


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  2. it’s OVER 9000!!!

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