Android Ice Cream Sandwich to get Built-In Photo Editor

Some details about Ice Cream Sandwich have leaked that show the new Android operating system, when announced by Google [GOOG] this week, will have built-in photo editing capabilities.

What isn’t known just yet is when the photo editor will be integrated with Ice Cream Sandwich. It could be there at launch or it could follow in a minor update later on in the release cycle. The icons above are apparently taken from a build of Ice Cream Sandwich and each icon gives you an idea of what is likely to be possible with photos when the new OS arrives.

Although you see white icons with black backgrounds here, these have actually been modified by Android Police as the actual ones are transparent which means they’ll look a little different depending on which photo is currently open on the screen.

Other features of the photo editor also include the ability to modify the effects such as making a photo more grainy or sepia. Below we have embedded 9 or 19 different effects for you to take a quick look at. Each has its own slider control allowing the effect to be increased or decreased as needed.

Expect to see more this Wednesday when the Nexus Prime is announced.

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