Android for HP TouchPad Gets Multitouch Support

Developers, TouchDroid, have managed to get multitouch support working on the port of Android on to the HP TouchPad. You’re probably aware that the HP TouchPad is a webOS device and not an Android device which makes this next step in the progress a nice step in the right direction.

Recently, HP decided to drop the HP TouchPad just weeks after it initially launched. In doing so, they also sold off all remaining inventory for $99 for the smaller of the two models. A good number of people managed to pick up the tablet at $99 and some of them want to run Android on it.

At the moment things have been described as being very beta. The tablet is running CyanogenMod 7 which is a port of Android 2.3.5, but with a lot of bugs. However, these are gradually being ironed out and some day in the near future we should get to see a more stable version of the OS.

The video below shows 10 point multitouch functioning on the HP TouchPad Android tablet. Responsiveness is there, so expect to see this feature marked off the todo list soon.


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