Android Backup Catches Thief

For those of you who run an Android based mobile phone, the Android Backup software called Lookout could prove handy to have installed. The backup software has a feature that automatically uploads all new content added to the phone to a webserver each day at midnight. Backups can then be easily restored by connecting a new phone up and downloading the data or by accessing a website.

What happened in this weird situation is that a couple of teens broke in to a couples home and stole two Motorola Android phones. One of the teens decided it would be a good idea to capture some pictures of himself with the phone… which incidentally had the Lookout software running… midnight struck and the newly captured images were backed up to the internet as usual that allowed for the owners to download photos that the criminal took of himself.

Once the photos were downloaded they were handed to the police who successfully captured one of the teens. The other is still on the run at the time of writing this although if photos of him are available I am sure it wont be long before he is captured too.

Via: Switched

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