Android App Revenue of a Developer Detailed

If you have ever wondered how much an Android app developer can make, Arron La has decided to detail his earnings from an Android app that he created in February 2009.

The app in question costs $0.99 and is called Advanced Task Manager. What the app does is allows Android users to kill tasks and services that stay running even when a particular app has been closed down.

‘Advanced Task ManagerĀ is an Android application I created in February 2009. At that time, it was needed mainly to kill running services that a number of applications spawned but never ended. Some of these services would start at boot time and remain running indefinitely, causing slowdowns on the phone.

Arron La decided to reveal monthly earnings for his application to show developers what is possible. Note that in the first year the app cost $0.99 to buy. In November the app was made free to download and was supported by ads. Both ad revenues and paid app revenues are detailed in a post over on Arron’s blog found here. There’s a good $80K or so in earnings with the developer currently earning around $10,000 per month after cuts (meaning after Google take their share of the $0.99 price and the ad network take their share).

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