Android Angry Birds Cheat Unlocks Worlds

For those few million of you who downloaded Angry Birds for Android, you now have a cheat available that allows you to skip through worlds.

The Angry Birds cheat doesn’t get you all the levels, but does allow you to gain access to a world without finishing all the levels in the previous world.

To get the cheat working you need to do the following…

1. Go to a World Select Screen
2. Center a locked world on your screen
3. Hit the back button on your Android phone until you exit Angry Birds
4. Load Angry Birds back up
5. When you see the ‘Play’ button, tap the button repeatedly
6. You’re now inside a locked world

Let us know how you get on, or if you decide to play the game the right way and work through each level individually.

Via: Android Community


  1. Cindy Auligny says

    Thanks for sharing this information. You know, it’s not easy to pass a level. Sometimes, I gave up. But now, I can try another way to archieve my goal. That’s cool!

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