Android to Take 49% Share of Smartphone Market by 2012

Research company, Gartner, has been looking in to smartphone sales around the world to come up with some very interesting numbers.

The report first hints that smartphone sales will reach 468 million around the globe this year. This is a 57.7 percent increase on sales from last year. We also learn that Google Android could well be the leader in the smartphone market by the end of this year and in 2012, could command about 49% of the market.

The biggest drop in OS usage will come from Symbian with numbers predicted at 89M for 2011 and 32M for 2012 with a 2015 market share of just 0.1%.

You will also notice from the numbers presented that Microsoft will also grow and by 2015 it will have a share of 19.5%.

Of course, a lot can change in 4 years time and these numbers could look completely different when looking back from 2015. Either way, it looks like things are going good for Android at the moment.

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