Android 4.0 Has Game Controller Support

Now that the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich SDK is available for download, various developers around the world have started to look more in depth at what can be found in the new operating system. Last week it was revealed that ICS has stylus support built in. This week we learn that ICS has Game Controller support as standard.

What these new details mean is that those who enjoy gaming will likely be able to use a regular controller to connect up to their Android 4.0 device. This does restrict who can use the feature as not every old device will be capable of running ICS, but for those with more modern Android smartphones or who are planning on getting a new Android 4.0 device, you will soon be able to play games with a regular control pad.

We have seen support for controllers before, but like Stylus support mentioned earlier, these have required third party support. With Google baking Game Controller functions in to the device it means integration will be far easier.

Games are a lot more difficult with touchscreen controls (in a lot of cases), so the addition of game controller functions will be welcomed by many. Imagine connecting a device up to a large screen… you’d end up with a small powerful games device.


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