Android 3.0 Gingerbread Details Emerge

Phandroid managed to get some details on the next version of Android. The new version is believed to be Android 3.0 with the codename Gingerbread. New features include cleaner icons and a more simplified look along with the ability to make video calls.

One of the things Google [GOOG] is believed to be working on is the integration of apps. Rather than being separate, the apps will be more integrated and be classed as an extension to the OS rather than something tacked on.

The screen shot above is believed to be Android 3.0 running on a Google Nexus One although as usual, the picture is blurry and we can’t see too much of whats going on there.

One other feature we’ll mention here is the possibility of adding the bouncy effect (rubber banding?) that you see on iOS when dragging a list down the screen.

Another rumour last week indicates that Google could be launching the Android 3.0 SDK this week, and if this happens in the next few days, we’ll see plenty of screenshots across the web showing crystal clear images of what its all about.

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