Android 3.0 Gingerbread Announced

Google [GOOG] has announced a launch date for the next major version of Google Android. The new version will be Android 3.0 that has been codenamed Gingerbread.

This news comes while we are all anticipating the launch of Google Android 2.2 that is set to a big upgrade bringing lots of new features to Android based smartphones.

The information about Gingerbread AKA Android 3.0, comes from a web page mentioned yesterday at Google I/O where the following was found…

‘When will other Google products support WebM and VP8?

‘WebM support in Android is expected in the Gingerbread release (currently planned for Q4, 2010). We expect many other Google products to adopt WebM and VP8 as they prioritize it with their other product requirements. Keep an eye on the WebM blog for announcements¬Ě

No official images have been created for the new Android character, so we grabbed an entertaining one from Engadget.

Via: EuroDroid


  1. AndroidGold - The Best Android Tablets says

    I can’t wait to see what “Gingerbread” will do for Android tablets.
    I expect the best Android tablets are still to come!

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