Android 3.0 Demo on Motorola Tablet at Dive into Mobile

At the Dive into Mobile event held last night, Andy Rubin was demoing a Motorola Tablet device running Google Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).

The tablet is called the MOTOPAD which is a prototype model that was used for the demonstration. As expected, Honeycomb is designed for the tablet. When booting up you get a new lock screen and once past that you get a new designed home screen “desktop” that contains widgets and buttons.

The apps are specifically designed to run on larger screens with the likes of the mail app being a split screen with the messages down the left and contents of the messages on the right. Overall, it looks like a far more suited Android OS for tablets than any other previous versions.

The tablet demoed is expected sometime in Q2 of 2011 although the Android 3.0 release date is only set at “sometime next year”. Exciting stuff to look out for though!

Via: TechCrunch, Coated and Engadget


  1. Ricky Fantana says

    I just hope that this Motorola Tablet is not a mediocre imitation of Apple iPad. Although I highly doubt it, you can not blame me because Apple indeed pioneered almost every device that we are enjoying right now. And the fact that this gadget will be supported by Android OS and will be distributed by Verizon, it seems that Motorola Tablet is on the right track.

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