Android 3.2 Released on Motorola Xoom 3G (Verizon)

Motorola Xoom (3G) users are beginning to receive the latest Android update numbered 3.2. The new update was pushed out over the weekend and brings support for microSD cards although there isn’t too much else included with the update.

To make use of the microSD storage, you just need to insert the card and when recognised, the storage usage is displayed in the settings. Files can then be stored on the SD if needed.

Another feature made available in 3.2 is a zoom tool which allows you to enlarge the apps that haven’t been designed for the larger screens found on tablets.

For now, the update seems to be rolling out to Verizon owners with other carriers around the world not getting it just yet. Expect to see it soon though. Droid-Life also has some details on how to manually update if you run in to problems.

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