Android 3.0 Gets Google Earth

Google has launched a new version of Google Earth for Android. The new and updated version has been designed to take advantage of the new processors found in Android 3.0 tablets. As well as using the new processors more efficiently, Google has also optimised the software to be more compatible with the larger screen devices.

New features added to this version of Google Earth include a new action bar at the top of the screen which can be used for navigation around the globe. Also, panoramio photos and 3D buildings have been added to the build. Wikipedia content is also mixed in where relavent.

Google has also added popups to the application and when clicking on the map on a pre-defined point, a pop-up window appears that shows all the data you need to know about the place.

The new version of the software is compatible with all Android devices running 2.1 or above. The tablet layout is for those devices that run Android 3.0 or above (when available).

The installation is simple for all devices and requires you just navigate to in the tablet or smartphone browser. Alternatively, you can find the application in the Android Market.

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