Android 2.4 Could Make an Early Appearance as Gingerbread

New information today reveals that Google might be releasing a new version of Android as early as April. The new version will be designed for smartphones and will follow along with the 2.X branch being called Android 2.4. Here’s something interesting though as it is now believed that Google will call Android 2.4 Gingerbread even though Gingerbread already exists as 2.3.

The reasons for this seem to follow along with how Android 3.0 Honeycomb apps will work in that dual-core apps designed for Honeycomb will then be made compatible with single-core apps on devices running Android 2.4. This, apparently, is not possible with Android 2.3 in its current form.

Although nothing has been confirmed by Google just yet, or at least nothing has been made public by them, it does answer the question of why Android 2.3 has yet to make any decent amount of impact on new devices. As of now, the Nexus S is the device that runs it. When 2.2 launched, things moved on a lot quicker.

The information came from ViewSonic who spoke to Pocket-Lint about a new device called the ViewPad 4 which is expected to launch in April running the Android 2.4 operating system.

As for Ice Cream, this version is now expected to be numbered 3.1 and designed for tablets.

Back on to the ViewSonic ViewPad 4. Specifications show it will be capable of capturing HD video at 720p, run Adobe Flash 10.1, have a 5 megapixel camera and have a 4.1 inch screen.

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