Android 2.2 Takes 57.6% Share of All Android OS’s

Android 2.2 is gaining traction this month. Android Developers has shared details that reveal Android 2.2 now takes a 57.6% share indicating that more than half of the Android users now are on Android 2.3.

Following behind that is Android 2.1 which has a 31.4% share and then down to Android 1.6 and 1.5 which takes 10.4% between them.

Joining the group recently is the Android 2.3 update that can be currently found on Nexus S smartphones. This version accounts for just 0.8% although we expect updates will be incoming soon which will then significantly increase the numbers.

What these numbers achieve is letting developers know the fragmentation of Android which can then be taken in to consideration when creating apps. For example, an Android 2.3 only function might want to be avoided for now as you’d cut out almost all Android smartphones from being able to use an app.

The numbers get updated each month.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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