Android 2.2 Not Optimised for Tablets

Google [GOOG] has hinted that current version of Android is not optimised for use on tablet form factors. This would include the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab which Google suggested was just a large phone.

It appears that Google could be making a specific tablet version of Android to improve the user experience on a larger screen device. Google also confirmed that Froyo isn’t a platform for iPad rivals.

In regards to the Android Market running correctly with the right sort of apps for Tablet devices, this comment was made…

“Which devices do, and which don’t will be unit specific, but Froyo is not optimised for use on tablets.”

“We want to make sure that we’re going to create a application distribution mechanism for the Android market, to ensure our users have right experience.”

It could be that Google Android Gingerbread is the next iteration of the OS that gets a specific redesign for tablet form factors. For now it seems like Android tablets are just blown up phones though from what Google mention.

Via: TechRadar

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