Android 2.2 Installs Catching up with Android 2.1

Google [GOOG] has once again provided details of Android installs across the range of smartphones that run the OS. New numbers reveal that Android 2.2 is getting adopted by many users although the total number of Android smartphones running 2.2 is still less than a third at 28.7 percent.

The largest share goes to Android 2.1 that is currently installed on 41.7% of Android devices followed by Android 2.2 as listed above. Android 1.6 surprisingly still runs on 17.5% of Android smartphones and that is followed by Android 1.5 that can be found on 12% of devices.

The information is pushed out by Google every couple of weeks and is designed to show developers which versions of Android they should optimise their Android Market apps for. By providing details the developers can opt out of supporting 1.5 for example that is in a slow decline as old devices become obsolete, or as older devices get newer OS builds.

One of the main problems is smartphones that are stuck running Android 2.1 and that are waiting for carriers to update and push out a new version of 2.2.

A second graph provided (pasted below), shows that Google Android 2.2 is rapidly catching up to Android 2.1 although the incline is not quite as steep as it was when Android 2.1 was released.

You can take a look at all the details over at the Android website found here.

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