Android 2.2 Gaining More Distribution

Every couple of weeks, Google [GOOG] publish details on the distribution of Android on smartphones and tablets. A couple of weeks ago Android 2.2 started showing up on the chart with 1.8% share. In the last 2 weeks the new installs of the 2.2 froyo update have now moved to 3.3%.

Android 2.1 hasn’t suffered here though as distribution shows that it has moved from a 53.1% share up to a 55.5% share over the last two weeks.

The drops have occurred on the Android 1.5 and 1.6 builds where the 23.5% share 1.6 had two weeks ago is now 22.1% and Android 1.5 has dropped from 21.3% down to 18.9%.

Regarding obsolete versions of the Android OS, those currently account for just 0.3% of installs. There seems to be quite a bit of share in the 1.5 and 1.6 versions and perhaps this is due to people keeping hold of older Android smartphones that are not able to be upgraded. We suspect that the usage of the older OS versions will drop over the next year to near zero though.

The full results can be found over at Google.

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