Android 2.2 Beats iOS 4 in JavaScript Speed Tests

When Google [GOOG] announced Android 2.2 they demonstrated that the new OS managed to increase performance on devices that can run it. The speed increase is possible because of a high performance JIT in the Android Dalvik runtime environment.

When compared to the iPhone 4, the Nexus One performs better in terms of javascript speed. The tests performed over at Arstechnica show that JavaScript runs three times quicker on the Nexue One running Android 2.2.

We compared these findings with that of our tests of Apple’s mobile Safari browser on the iPhone 4. The results show that the Android device delivers significantly faster JavaScript execution than the iPhone, scoring over three times better on V8 and almost twice as fast on SunSpider. Apple has some work to do it if wants mobile Safari to retake the crown as the fastest mobile browser.

Lets see if Apple [AAPL] respond in a future update.

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