Android 2.1 Most Popular on Google Smartphones

Google [GOOG] has released details of which Android versions are the most popular. This month we see that Android 2.1 has increased in popularity with that version of the OS accounting for 50% of installs on smartphones. Last month Android 2.1 accounted for 37.2%.

Android 1.5 has dropped the most this month from 34.1% down to 24.6%. This is not to say that people have necessarily upgraded, but that Android 2.1 is pretty much standard on new device installs which helps it take more market share as time moves on.

We noticed that Android 2.2 is not on there, but with the Android 2.2 OS getting pushed out soon to Nexus One owners and other devices to follow we expect the 2.1 share to start lowering while 2.2 gains popularity.

The information is kept so that developers can best know where to concentrate their efforts on compatibility issues with apps.

Full details at Android Developers.

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