Android 2.0.1 Vulnerability Bypasses Security Screen

Rather than using a pin code, Android phones have the option of setting a pattern to unlock the phone for usage. The pattern is made up of a series of 9 dots that you join up in a specific order you choose. If you get the pattern correct the lock screen lets you through.

By using all 9 dots on the screen it makes for a potential 362,880 combinations which seems to be secure. However, the Motorola DROID has a problem in that if you call the phone you can easily bypass the screen by answering the call. It seems right now that only the DROID has the issue as it runs Android 2.0.1.

It isn’t a matter of just answering the call though as the hacker will need to access an application as well as hit the back icon which bypasses the lock screen.

The risk this threat poses is that someone who has physical access to your phone that is running the 2.0.1 Android version, knows your number can access your phone.

Currently Google are said to be working on this issue which I suspect is either in the form of a firmware update or a patch to manually install. However, no time line has been given for when the fix will be made available.

Via: TheAssurer and TechCrunch

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