Android 2.0 SDK Support Now Official

eclairGoogle [GOOG] this morning officially announced that Android 2.0 is now supported in the SDK. Android 2.0 was only first revealed just a couple of weeks back in a surprise video posted by Boy Genius Report and after their preview with it, it was revealed that a number of fantastic updates had been made.

Android 2.0 is also known as Eclair and it comes with a number of updates that allows more seamless integration on the device for contacts, syncing due to new API’s being created to provide a lot more power to the developers. Quick Contact is also capable of being embedded in to applications.

The new Bluetooth API provides a more seamless way of letting phones connect peer-to-peer for gaming which can include screen sharing where graphics on one screen can be seamlessly shifted on to a second phone like a multi-monitor setup.

If you want the full list then check out the details over here which show you exactly what has been updated in the new Android operating system. As there are a number of Android based phones hitting the market soon it would be wise for those developing applications to start testing and tweaking to make sure they work and that they take full advantage of new features being made available. Check out a few demo’s of what is possible after the images.




  1. Thank you for this update as I was not known to 2.0 version if Android I already heard about 1.6 before few days that also had great features.
    Thank you once again.

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