An Alarm clock that WILL get me out of bed

I hate waking up in the morning. I hit snooze all the time until the alarm finally stops going. I wish it was a habit I could break. Well, today I think I found the answer. The SnuzNLuz alarm clock uses wifi connectivity along with your bank account log in details in which it can use to donate your money to an organisation you hate every time you push snooze. Now we are talking! I hate to see money leave my account and this looks perfect for me. The name of the device aptly reflects the saying – If you snooze you lose. Well, you actually will with this clock.

If you do not have wireless then you can also use the RJ45 connector on the back to connect it direct in to your modem. To get it working you load up the built in browser and configure your bank account details (over 1600 are supported). You then select your most hated charity of which there are 6200 and you set in your donation of at least $10.

If I ran my own charity I would be handing out this alarm clock for free to all my haters. A charity could make a fortune out of this clock and especially out of me 🙂

Just take in to consideration that ThinkGeek take 50% of the donation to fund their private yachts and beach front property 😉 In otherwords, its not real.

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