AMD Eyefinity – Six Monitors on One Graphics Card

eyefinity3_fullAMD have created the Eyefinity graphics card that is capable of supporting up to 6 monitors. Most graphics cards struggle with handling just 1 30 inch monitor with a resolution of about 2560 x 1600 pixels, so for a graphics card to support 6 monitors it’s quite an achievement.

AMD have created a single GPU card that can handle six DisplayPort connectors each having a 30 inch screen attached to it. When the 6 monitors are connected the resolution is bumped all the way to 7680 x 3200 pixels and it functions as a giant screen.

AMD would not share the details of what’s in the card with the folk over at Maximum PC but they were very impressed with what it can do. Flight Sim XPlane 9 ran at full resolution along with Far Cry 2 as well as various tests that achieved 12 – 20 frames per second. The card is currently known as Eyefinity but may change names when officially launched. Well worth looking out for if you are in to multi monitor setups.

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