AMD 890GX Chipset with on-board 1080p GPU Announced

AMD have announced their latest graphics chipset called the AMD 890GX. The 890GX brings HD graphics to most PC budgets.

The new chipset can support up to two high performance ATI Radeon Premium Graphics cards on-board. The new chipset is designed for a new upcoming processor called the AMD Phenom II X6 hexacore. The 890GX chipset can support full 1080p playback as well as utilise picture in picture support.

As well as being powerful on the graphics side, the chipset also features SATA 3.0 that supports speeds of up to 6GBps along with USB 3.0.

The chipset supports ATI CrossFireX technology allowing it to either use extra hardware if needed. However, the integrated graphics are capable of upscaling DVD’s as well as supporting DirectX 10.1 gaming.

More details of the chipset are going to be revealed later in the year when several 8-series models of the chipset are launched.

Via: SlashGear

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