Amazon UK to deliver to your local corner shop

Amazon has made a brilliant move this week by announcing a new delivery option for those based in the UK. The online shopping site will soon be delivering your parcels, if you wish, to your local corner shop which essentially means that you don’t have to wait in all day for a package to be delivered. Instead, you can designate a nearby partnered corner shop to receive the parcels and then collect them in the evening after you finish work.

The service provided should be better than what currently happens. Often you can come home to a note through the door from Royal Mail or other carriers saying that your package will be ready to collect in 24 hours. Doing it this new way will allow you to collect up to late hours of the evening as news agents and corner shops tend to be open till later than Royal Mail and also wont require 24 hours for you to wait.

When launched, the service will be made available to 5,000 corner shops and newsagents across the UK. To make use of the service, you need to look for the Collect+ in the options when purchasing and then select the nearest news agens or corner shop to your location.

It isn’t clear who benefits the most. If many buyers specify a local news agents then it cuts down on the amount of delivery addresses for the driver as he can simply drop of a bag full of packages at the same address. I assume that corner shops will benefit as they will possibly be compensated for handling a Collect+ service as well as have the benefit of getting more people in to their shop. Also, the buyer will benefit as daily tasks can resume as normal and then its just a quick trip to the local shop at a time that suits you to collect your package.


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