Amazon UK Kindle Store Open Today

The Amazon Kindle in the UK is now taking pre-orders. With that in mind, we now see that Amazon has opened up the UK Kindle Store allowing Kindle owners to buy books from the UK based website rather than the US site.

The new UK Amazon Kindle store already has more than 400,000 books to download including most of the sort after books. Including New Releases and Bestsellers, from UK authors including Terry Pratchett, Ian Rankin, Martina Cole, Sophie Kinsella and Ken Follett.

The UK Kindle Store can be accessed now and books can be downloaded to your current Kindle, or to any device you have that runs the Kindle software such as the iPad, iPhone and Android based devices.

For those who use a US account to purchase Kindle books, you now have the option of converting that US account to a UK account in the Kindle Management section of Amazon. Just log in to the US Amazon, click on Your Account, click on Manage Your Kindle and log in (or click here to jump to the login page). Towards the bottom of the page you then have the option to convert the account to a UK account which copies all book transactions over to a UK based account.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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