Amazon Changes TV Rentals to 99 Cents in Response to Apple

At the Apple special event yesterday, Apple [AAPL] announced that TV show rentals will be coming in at 99 cents. Amazon has now responded by also dropping the price of many TV shows on it’s service down to 99 cents.

A big difference between the two still remains though in that rentals from Apple are just rentals whereas paying 99 cents for a TV show at Amazon lets you keep the content to watch over again.

Prior to the price drop, Amazon was charging $2.99 per show. It isn’t clear if a loss will be made by Amazon selling the programs at this price.

Right now the new pricing of 99 cents applies to TV shows from Walt Disney, ABC, News Corp and the BBC. Around 260 TV shows are being dropped to the new price point.

Via: Geeky Gadgets and All Things D

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