Amazon to replace Cracked Kindle 2s

cracked_kindle_2Amazon have decided to make a complete u-turn on the original decision not to replace cracked Amazon Kindle 2’s. Amazon have now confirmed that replacement’s will happen.

The original stance by Amazon was that they were going to charge $200 to fix the damage as their warranty did not cover cracks. However, after a class-action lawsuit was started (many had this problem) which appears to have convinced Amazon to replace broken items.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday by a Seattle customer who claimed that the Amazon-designed, $30 protective cover for the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX cracked the devices at the points where the accessory attached to the device. The cracks eventually caused the Kindle screen to freeze, according to the law firm Terrell Marshall & Daudt, which is representing plaintiff Matthew Geise.

If your Kindle 2 has cracked due to the case problem then you should be good to get a free repair.

Via: Information Week and Gadgetell

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