Amazon Kindle Fire Update Download Now Available

Amazon has begun pushing out an update for the new Amazon Kindle Fire. The new update brings the software up to version 6.2. On the downside, Amazon pushes the update out automatically and installs automatically when connected to a WiFi connection. This means that all rooted devices are made un-rooted although you can easily root again if needed.

Some users are reporting that the Android Market is being removed in this update. Note that Android Market required a manual install before as it isn’t included in the official firmware for the Kindle Fire. Although some users are reporting that it gets removed, others are not reporting it such as Liliputing who tested the update on their Kindle Fire.

For those that see the Android Market removed you should be able to easily root and then install the Market. All apps are not believed to be effected by this as they are stored in the /data/apps directory.

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