Amazon Kindle coming to the UK

amazon-kindle-2An authoritative source informed thebookseller that the Amazon Kindle is heading to the UK and it could be as early as next week.

A few months ago it was also rumoured that an October release date for the device in the UK was happening, so as we are in October now then maybe it will happen.

“The key things they needed to tie up have been tied up. The rumours I’ve heard are all saying next week.” The source confirmed that publishers had signed non disclosure agreements so would not be able to comment on the record. But added: “I’ve heard it from multiple reliable sources. I think they want to avoid the general kerfuffle of Frankfurt.”

Amazon have been known in the past to say they are launching the Kindle eBook reader internationally but details of when and where exactly have been made official.

It is not clear yet how the data connectivity will be provided. Rumours say Qualcomm are working on this although it isn’t clear which network they are working with just yet.

We’ll just have to wait and see next week if the Kindle is launched in the UK. If we hear anything official we’ll post it here.

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