Amazon Kindle Case Problem Prompts Refunds

Amazon has offered to provide a full refund to those who purchased a non-lighted Kindle cover for the Kindle.

The problems began when the Kindle case went on sale. The case scores many 5 star reviews, but at the same time has over 100 one-star reviews of people complaining that their Kindle freezes, crashes or reboots when using this particular case. One report says the following…

I bought a kindle 3 (Wifi Only) about 3 months back and was using it without any trouble. Then, I bought this leather cover and suddenly my kindle ran into all sorts of problems. The screen froze frequently, kindle rebooted itself more than 4-5 times daily. I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy this product before amazon gets its act together. They have certainly not done a good job with this cover. I am going to replace this cover as soon as possible. My two cents – DON’T buy this cover.

Users are suspecting that the metal hooks on the non-lighted version are causing the problem. The lighted version doesn’t have these problems.

Good news is that Amazon had the following to say…

“Regardless, if anyone is having any problem with an Amazon-manufactured Kindle cover, please contact us at [email protected], and we will be pleased to replace it for free or accept a return for a full refund, no matter when the cover was purchased.”



  1. Good to know, thanks for the heads up on this issue. Will blog it over on my site as well.


    I have the non-lighted case and the Kindle was freezing. I took the case off, wrapped the upper hook with a small piece of scotch tape, leaving just a little extra so it will stick out of the Kindle a tiny bit so it will not get jammed in there. When I reattached the Kindle, the freeze problems were gone permanently. This fix works because it insulates the hook so it does not access the battery. This will not work for problems with the lighted version, obviously, since it would make the light cease to function.

  3. If you have a non lighted case Amazon will give you a free lighted one as a replacement without jumping thru hoops. Very good customer service.

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