Amazon Kindle 3rd Gen Could get Games

Some leaked information from Amazon indicates that a 3rd generation Amazon Kindle eBook reader could be launched later this year.

Amazon appears to be shifting towards games and social networks with it’s eBook reader. The main problem now is that the e-ink paper just doesn’t have the ability to achieve anything with fast movement or touch based applications. This is hinting that Amazon will launch a new generation Kindle with a superior touch screen.

It is believed that Amazon are shifting course due to the success of the Apple iPad that launched last month in the US. The 3rd generation device could do away with the e-ink screen to give a richer experience for users. The screen rumours come because of Amazon purchasing a company called TouchCo that could add multi-touch to the screen.

Of course there is a downside to this though as the e-ink screens used in the Kindle are responsible for the battery life that goes in to days rather than hours. Is it worth the sacrifice to get a richer multimedia experience? or should Amazon stick with the standard eBook on e-ink format that has worked extremely well for them over the past few years?

We expect to hear something regarding a next gen Kindle device in the next couple of months, so keep checking back!

Via: Electronista

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