Amazon Kindle 3.1 Update Brings Real Page Numbers to Books

Amazon is about to make available a new update for the Amazon Kindle. The new update brings a couple of relatively small updates to the software although each update is actually quite handy.

The new Kindle 3.1 update will be made available for download in a few days time and when launched it will allow Kindle users to use real page numbers on books. For those who use the Kindle, you’ll know that page numbers do not match the physical book which makes it awkward when referencing a Kindle whilst in a class for example. With the new update, the class lecturer can ask you to turn to page 234 and you’ll be on the same page as all others who have the physical books.

The other feature is an update to the notes that you can write on books. Those notes will now have the ability to be shared with others.

A new layout for magazines and papers has also been added to the update. What this lets you do is see a snapshot of the latest magazine or paper.

Like I mentioned above, the updates certainly aren’t huge although seriously handy for those who get frustrated when not able to easily find content by page number.

Although the new update will be available in the next few days, it is also available now for download as a preview for those who are interested. That particular download is available here. Via: Kindle Post

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