Amazon Goldbox PS3 Game Deals All Day

Amazon are having a day full of Gold Box deals on Playstation 3 games. Big discounts can be found on various games with some being great and others not so great games.

Right now (and for the next 3 or so hours) you can get hold of Tekken 6 for $17.99 which is quite a big saving.

Other discounts coming up through the day include the following…

1PM Pacific: You might have played this RPG on your 360. – Star Ocean
4PM: Help Lego Dr. Jones through your favorite cinematic moments. – LEGO Indy
6PM: Wave around your PS3. – I have no idea
7PM: Don’t “tapout” on this great MMA deal. – UFC

All the details of the offers and when you can get them can be found over at Amazon.

Via: Kotaku

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