Amazon Confirm Nintendo 3DS is Biggest Pre-Ordering Console

Amazon in the UK has confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS is their most pre-ordered console ever. This was confirmed in a tweet sent out yesterday:

Nintendo 3DS, biggest pre-ordering console on ever! Pre-order for just £187 now,

The actual release date is March 25, which also falls on the same day as the iPad 2 (assuming that isn’t delayed).

Unfortunately, Amazon never reveals actual numbers but due to the sheer size of the company and the fact that it’s the biggest pre-ordered console (not specifically handheld, but console in general), we suspect a huge amount of them were sold. It’s interesting to note that some people think handheld consoles are dieing due to smartphone games picking up. However, it seems like people still want dedicated games machines and this time around, the type that are 3D.

Price wise, Amazon has it listed at £187 which is down from the listed price of £229.99.

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