Amazon Cloud Player Service Goes Live

Amazon has launched a streaming service called Amazon Cloud Player. What it does is allow you to upload your music to the Amazon Cloud Drive and then stream the music back to your computer or Android smartphone.

The system works by you purchasing an MP3 album in the Amazon US store and when clicking purchase, you select the “Save to Amazon Cloud Drive” option. When done, your music becomes available for you to stream online. There are two ways to play the music. The first is to use Amazon Cloud Player for web in which you get 5GB of storage for free on a Cloud Drive. The other option allows you to use an Android app that you can download to your Google Android smartphone. This allows you to stream any of your music from anywhere.

If you want more storage, you can purchase an MP3 album, or you can pay $20/year for 20GB. You also have the option to upload other MP3 or AAC files to your Cloud Drive. We hear that iTunes music can also be uploaded although that will more than likely by the DRM-free type that came out later.

The service is available now and is ready for those of you in the US.

You can sign up over at Amazon.

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