Amazon Buys Yap to Take on Siri

The Amazon Kindle Fire might be getting voice services in a similar way to how the iPhone 4S has Siri. Amazon has quietly purchased a speech recognition company called Yap from what reports are hinting at today.

Amazon or Yap hasn’t commented on the deal and from what we see, it has been done quietly through a company called Dion Acquisition Sub which is listed as being at an Amazon owned building.

Yap was started in 2006 and allows voice to text services. If Amazon is intending to use the service, it could be made to work with the Amazon Kindle Fire to bring full voice recognition to the tablet. By Amazon including Yap in to the Kindle Fire, it gives the tablet another unique sales advantage as it will again differ from what other Android tablets are using for voice.

A lot is speculation right now, but with the filing listed with the matching address it could indicate Amazon is looking to speech recognition in the future.


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