Amazon Building More Hardware Other than Kindle

Amazon looks set to be working on a number of devices other than the Kindle to deliver content. The Kindle was built in Lab 126 and that same lab is responsible for new hardware at Amazon. Recently, 80 job postings were made for that particular division which further indicates new hardware could be incoming.

It is expected that the new staff will be working on a number of projects as well as the next generation Kindle which could feature a touchscreen or/and colour screen.

According to people with direct knowledge of the company’s plans, who declined to be identified because they are not authorized to speak publicly about Amazon’s internal workings and unannounced products, Lab 126 has been looking into building other gadgets that it could sell to consumers.

One of those people said building more hardware products would be a means to an end. This person said Amazon wants to make more devices for consumers that would enable simple purchasing of Amazon content including its digital books, music and movie rentals and purchases.

It isn’t clear what devices Amazon will build, but we suspect something like a cloud based MP3 player or tablet device that can stream both audio and video as well as mobile phone sized devices that can also have content delivered to them. Amazon are looking to remain a major player in the digital content arena.

Via: Bits

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