Amazon Black Friday Daily Deals

Amazon has a bunch of new deals ready for today in the Amazon Black Friday run up. The first deal starts at 6:45am PST followed by 7:45am, 8am, 8:45am and onwards throughout today.

Not all deals are known at the moment, but some upcoming deals that are listed include 60% off Pinnacle SUB-SONIX 10 inch subwoofer, a deal on the 160GB Apple TV and on to a deal on the Asus A52F-XE2 15.6 inch laptop. Savings are not known on the latter two. There’s 4 other deals listed but right now they are just listed as “Upcoming Deal”. These should be revealed closer to the launch time.

All deals for Black Friday at Amazon are listed over here.

Other deals listed today include discounts on the Sony BRAVIA 32 inch HDTV. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR3 deal is also showing a 36% reduction in price on the camera and an Epson printer has a 44% discount.

Other categories of items getting large discounts include the electronics category, movies & TV and mobile electronics.

Other categories are available although out of the scope of gadgets.

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