Amazon AppStore Goes Live Outside the US

The Amazon AppStore has gone live in a number of locations around the world. The service up till today was only available for those in the US. At the time of writing this, Amazon hasn’t made any formal announcement although there’s a number of reports of various countries now getting access to the service.

Prior to today the only way you could access the Amazon AppStore was by logging in with an account based in the US. The reports today come from the UK, Netherlands, Australia and India (so far) that all say any Amazon account can now log in to the store to download apps.

As Amazon hasn’t made an formal announcement about this we are unsure how many countries can now access the store. We also don’t know if the same US deal (free app a day) will roll out to other countries.

One reason that Amazon could be launching worldwide right now is that the Amazon Kindle Tablet is expected in the next few weeks (perhaps early November) which might mean access from all locations via the Kindle tablet will be possible. We’ll get more on this shortly and post an update.

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