Amazing Photo of Space – Converted in to 3D – Must Watch!

HubbleI thought this video of space fits well in to “camera gadgets” as the Hubble Telescope is perhaps the most amazing camera ever created. A few years back a few scientists decided to look in to a dark region of space that looked to be the size of a grain of sand held at arms length. It was a risky move as the Hubble Telescopes time was in demand and taking 10 or so days out of it’s busy schedule to photograph nothing seemed too risky. However, they went ahead and captured the most amazing images of space ever taken before. 10,000 galaxies were found in that black region by using the Hubble Deep Field. It really does show how small our planet is in relation to it’s surroundings.

The image has now been converted in to 3D using a technique which measures the distance to each galaxy (explained in the video below).

Via: Gizmodo

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