Amazing Golf Simulator

If you have a spare $55 grand to spare as well as a 20 x 13 x 10.5 feet room spare then this golf simulator is perfect for you. It allows you to practise your golfing skills from the comfort of your own home. The large screen is powered by a windows based PC which can take you around many golf courses from around the world at the touch of a button. The large picture is projected on to screen which can take the force of a golf ball hitting it. Two 360 degrees curtains of infra-red beams emit 60000 pulses per second and can track the trajectory, speed and other details about the ball you actually just hit.

It does look seriously cool and would fit well in to my home although I do lack the space and money. Oh well! Enjoy the video below.

Via: GeekAlerts


  1. golf enthusiast says

    When you play outside, in real life, there are various factors that come into play, slight irregularities in the grass, wind factors and more. These are all controllable in the golf simulators. In fact, you can create perfect conditions for yourself, if you wish, or make it challenging by driving the ball against a high wind! This allows you to practice your game in all conditions, before actually trying out your improved techniques on the course.

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