Alienware Area 51 m15X Laptop

The Alienware Area 51 laptop is a powerful beast. It can have up to 4GB of 667MHz DDR2 memory, dual hard drives, 1200p (ultra-high definition) video on it’s 15.4 inch screen, HD audio and an Intel Core 2 Extreme processor. Also wireless connectivity is in there as well as Bluetooth allowing you a plethora of networking options. The keyboard is illuminated and the colour of the lights can be controlled with an onscreen control panel. As well as having the keyboard lit, the touch pad is also highlighted too which makes a nice touch. The second hard drive is removable and sits in a bay to the left of the laptop and when removed, can be replaced with an optical drive or secondary battery to increase the battery life.

Prices for the m15x range from $1499 to $2599 which you are getting a seriously nice laptop there.


Product Page Via: LikeCool

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